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Thread: TOXIC Plants for Bearded Dragons

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    Exclamation TOXIC Plants for Bearded Dragons

    Acokanthera: Flower Fruit
    Aconite: Leaf Root
    Aconite: Seed Flower
    African Lily: Foliage Bulb
    Aloe: Succulent Foliage
    Amaryllis: All But Root
    Amsinckia: Foliage Seed
    Anemone: Leaf Flower
    Apple: Crushed Seed
    Apricot: Inner Seed
    Arrowhead Vine: Foliage
    Arrowhead Vine: Fruit
    Autumn Crocus: Bulb
    Avocado: Foliage Fruit
    Azalea: Foliage Flower
    Baneberry: Fruit Foliage
    Begonia: Blossoms
    Begonia: Tuber Foliage
    Belladonna: Fruit
    Betal Nut Palm: All
    Bird Of Paradise: Flower
    Bird Of Paradise: Foliage
    Bird Of Paradise: Seed
    Bittersweet Nightshade
    Black Locust: Bark Sprout
    Black Locust: Foliage
    Bleeding Heart: Flower
    Bleeding Heart: Foliage
    Bleeding Heart: Root
    Bloodroot: All
    Blue Green Algae: All
    Bluebonnet: Flower Leaf
    Boston Ivy: All
    Bottle Brush: Flower
    Boxwood: Leaf Stem
    Buckeye: Nut Sprout
    Buttercup: All
    Caladium: All
    Calla Lily: All
    Cardinal Flower: All
    Carolina Jessamine: Leaf
    Carolina Jessamine: Sap
    Cassava: Root
    Castor Bean: Raw Bean
    Celandine: All
    Chalice Vine: All
    Cherry: Inner Pit
    Chinaberry Tree: Berry
    Chinese Evergreen: Leaf
    Chinese Lantern: All
    Christmas Cactus: All
    Columbine: Flower Seed
    Columbine: Foliage
    Common Privet: Berry Leaf
    Coral Plant: All
    Creeping Charlie: Foliage
    Crocus: Bulb
    Croton: Foliage Shoot
    Cyclamen: Foliage Flower
    Daffodil: Bulb Foliage
    Daffodil: Flower Pod
    Daphne: Fruit
    Deadly Nightshade: Fruit
    Deadly Nightshade: Leaf
    Deadly Nightshade: Sprout
    Death Camas: All
    Death Cap: All
    Delphinium: Bulb Foliage
    Delphinium: Flower Seed
    Destroying Angel: All
    Dianthus: Foliage Fruit
    Dogwood: Fruit
    Dumb Cane: Leaf
    Egg Plant: Foliage
    Elderberry: Shoot Foliage
    Elephant Ear: Foliage
    English Ivy: Fruit
    Euphorbia: Flower
    Euphorbia: Foliage Sap
    Ficus: Foliage Sap
    Fiddle Leaf Fig: Leaf Sap
    Fiddleneck: All
    Fig: Foliage Sap
    Flag: All
    Fly Agaric Death Cap: All
    Four O Clock: All
    Foxglove: Foliage Flower
    Gardenia: Foliage Flower
    Gelsemium: All
    Golden Chain: Seed Pod
    Grape Ivy: All
    Heart Ivy: All
    Heavenly Bamboo: All
    Hemlock Root: All
    Henbane: All
    Holly: Fruit Foliage
    Horse Chestnut: All
    Horsetail Reed: All
    Hyacinth: Bulb Foliage
    Hyacinth: Flower
    Hydrangea: All
    Impatiens: All
    Iris: All
    Ivy: Foliage Fruit
    Jack In The Pulpit: Root
    Jasmine: Flower Foliage
    Jerusalem Cherry: Foliage
    Jerusalem Cherry: Fruit
    Jessamine: Berry
    Jimsonweed: Flower
    Jimsonweed: Pod Foliage
    Juniper: All
    Lambkill: Foliage
    Lantana: Berry
    Lantana: Foliage Flower
    Larkspur: Seed Pod
    Larkspur: Young Plant
    Laurel: All
    Lily Of The Nile: All
    Lily Of The Valley: Leaf
    Lobelia: All
    Locoweed: All
    Locust: All
    Lupine: Seed Pod Foliage
    Marijuana: All
    Mayapple: Fruit
    Mescal: All
    Milkweed: Foliage
    Mistletoe: Fruit Foliage
    Moccasin Flower: Flower
    Moccasin Flower: Foliage
    Monkshood: All
    Moonseed: Berry
    Morning Glory: Flower
    Morning Glory: Seed Leaf
    Mountain Laurel: Shoot
    Mushroom: Various
    Narcissus: Bulb Flower
    Nectarine: Inner Pit
    Nephthytis: Foliage
    Nicotine Bush: Flower
    Nicotine Bush: Foliage
    Nicotine Tree: Flower
    Nicotine Tree: Foliage
    Nightshade: All
    Oak Tree: Acorn Foliage
    Oleander: Foliage Flower
    Pansy: All
    Peach: Inner Seed
    Pear: Crushed Seed
    Pennyroyal: Leaf Flower
    Peony: Foliage Flower
    Pepper: Foliage
    Periwinkle: All
    Philodendron: All
    Pinks: All
    Plum: Inner Seed Leaf
    Poinsettia: Flower
    Poinsettia: Foliage Sap
    Poison Hemlock: Leaf Seed
    Poison Hemlock: Root
    Poison Ivy: Foliage Fruit
    Poison Oak: Foliage Fruit
    Poison Sumac: Leaf Fruit
    Pokeberry: Root Fruit
    Poppy: All
    Potato: Foliage Sprout
    Pothos: All
    Privet: Berry
    Pyracantha: Foliage Fruit
    Ranunculus: All
    Redwood: Resin
    Rhododendron: Leaf Flower
    Rosary Bean: Flower
    Rosary Bean: Foliage Pod
    Rosemary: Foliage
    Rubber Tree: Sap Foliage
    Russian Thistle: Flower
    Russian Thistle: Foliage
    Sage: Foliage
    Salmonberry: Fruit Leaf
    Scarlet Pimpernel: All
    Scotch Broom: Flower
    Scotch Broom: Leaf Seed
    Senecio: All
    Sequoia: Resin
    Shasta Daisy: Flower Leaf
    Sheep Laurel: Foliage
    Skunk Cabbage: Root
    Snapdragon: Flower Leaf
    Sorghum: All
    Spanish Bayonet: Flower
    Spanish Bayonet: Foliage
    Split Leaf Philodendron
    Spurge: Flower Leaf Sap
    Squirrel Corn: Flower
    Squirrel Corn: Seed Leaf
    Star Of Bethlehem: Flower
    Star Of Bethlehem: Leaf
    Star Thistle: All
    String Of Pearls: All
    Sundew: Foliage
    Sweetpea: Stem Seed
    Tansy: Foliage Flower
    Tansy: Seed Pod
    Taro: Foliage
    Tarweed: Foliage Seed
    Thornapple: Flower
    Thornapple: Foliage Pod
    Tiger Lily: Leaf Flower
    Toad Flax: Foliage
    Tobacco: Flower Foliage
    Tomato: Foliage Vine
    Touch Me Not: All
    Toyon Berry: Berry
    Tree Of Heaven: Flower
    Tree Of Heaven: Foliage
    Trillium: Foliage
    Trumpet Vine: All
    Tulip: Bulb Leaf Flower
    Umbrella Tree: All
    Venus Flytrap: Flower
    Venus Flytrap: Foliage
    Verbena: Foliage Flower
    Vetch: Seed Pod
    Virginia Creeper: Leaf
    Virginia Creeper: Pod
    Water Hemlock: Root Leaf
    Wild Parsnip: Root Leaf
    Wilted Johnson Grass: All
    Wilted Sudan Grass: All
    Wisteria: Leaf Seed Pod
    Yellow Star Thistle: Leaf
    Yerba Santa: Foliage Seed
    Yew: Foliage
    Yucca: Flower
    Yucca: Foliage

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    Wow, never heard of half of these things....thanks heaps Carolyn I guess "if in doubt, don't" applies with this too. As in, if we don't know the name of something, don't guess - just walk away and find something that is safe!

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    Another thing to add to my reference library
    Cheers for that Carolyn


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