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Thread: Sick dragon?

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    Unhappy Sick dragon?

    Hi everyone, im new so bare with me here

    Alright so i got a bearded dragon saturday (impulse buy by my brother and his idiot friends)
    But he seems to be sick

    He is 5 years old (we think)
    Is in a 40 gallon breeder (untill i can upgrade him)
    No UVA/UVB bulb (buying one tomorrow)
    Was on sand that clumped heavily when wet, for now he is on paper towel
    Basking spot is around 105 F, cool is around 70 F

    So here we go. He hasnt pooped since he came to me on saturday, wednesday in like 3 hours.
    I tried giving him a bath but it did nothing (multiple) it was fairly warm but not hot
    Even massaged him but nothing worked
    He seems to be very lethargic and doesnt move at all only when picked up.
    Something seems to be wrong with one of his eyes since he always keeps it closed.
    Havent seem him drink either
    He may have eaten some grape, apple and leaves. Also some super worms (way too big) before i realized abt size. And today he has eaten some crickets, only when i hold them and make hom excited though.
    Also he seems to have tail rot
    And he might be slightly underweight.

    So how do i fix some/ all off these problems
    I will go to the vet if needed but i rather try or see what he has so i dont have to waste money going to the vet if we can just deal with it ourselves.

    Idk if he is just scared from being in a new home or if something is really wrong with him

    Thank you if you read all this (sorry lol)
    But please help, itll be greatly appreciated

    Ps his name is now Mushu

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    Give him as much sunshine as you can till you get his uv and heat etc set up. Any photos?
    Welcome to the Forum.
    Regards Brian
    woodies F/Sale

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    Hi I’m with Brian, throw us some photos so we can have a look.
    If he’s been moved around a bit he may just be wary of his new surrounds. If he’s eating he’s doing ok. Sometimes they don’t poop every day. Here they are starting to slow down for brumation, what’s the weather like there.

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    Welcome MushuDragon, I reckon you'll need a vet regardless of what we tell you because there's more going on than just regular settling in stuff or that home remedies can fix.

    For the poopy problem you can up the basking temp to 110, if that clumpy sand is calcisand it'll take a lot of moving to get it moving if there's some on the inside and only a vet can tell if there is. The slightly higher temp won't hurt and used with warm baths (like just a bit warmer than baby warm) and maybe a drop or two of paraffin oil for a day or two in some water may help to get something out of him. It may be a case of he hasn't eaten so he's got nothing to give so to speak, so you don't want to go overboard.

    Try to cover as much as possible in your vet visit make sure to ask for a check for parasites, get them to check both eyes and go over your set up with them - take good photos, an abdominal exam if you're worried about impaction from the calcisand, get the tail looked at and treatment sorted and depending on the vet they may want blood to test as well.

    Hopefully some if it's just settling in and the rest is easily fixed for you.

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