I have finally found some new beardies. Dwarf bearded dragons (Pogona minor minor) are coming to me on Saturday. Woo Hoo, I have been looking for these guys for years and am so happy to finally get some in my collection.
Not to be confused with Pygmy bearded dragons (Pogona henry lawsoni) these guys are from WA and are very rare in the eastern states.
For anyone not in the know; there are 8 types of bearded dragon.
Pogona vitticeps or Central beardies which are the largest
Pogona barbata or Eastern beardies
Pogona minor minor or dwarf bearded dragon
Pogona minor mitchelli or Mitchells bearded dragon
Pogona minor minima or Abrolhos bearded dragon
Pogona nullabor or nullabor bearded dragon
Pogona microlepidota or small scaled bearded dragon
Pogona henry lawsoni or pygmy bearded dragon which is the smallest of all our bearded dragons