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Thread: Intro video to our herps

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    Intro video to our herps


    My name is Michael.

    Here I am, 13 cute baby lawsons/Rankin/Pigmy bearded dragons, from my dragons first clutch.
    They are already arm waving, glass surfing and more (On Day 2).

    The parents have no idea what they have done
    (Buddy and Sandy)

    My girls wanted pets. We were thinking Fluffy ones. We had no idea we were reptile people until they were here, in our home.
    We had thought we had selected cheap pets but the power bills and setup have proved otherwise.

    So fast forward ... we have had our first clutch from 2 lizards we thought were both male.

    I put our chances at less than minimal for the eggs hatching (never done it before, first clutch etc.), no chance of having baby bearded dragons. So much can go wrong. Moisture levels, temp, storage containers, rolling the eggs, fungus, crushed eggs and more. (3 eggs that were laid, were no good and indented immediately).

    From working out how to get a Gravid bearded dragon to lay in sand (and not eat it), avoid impactation, keep her hydrated, feed her calcium, retrieve eggs at the right time etc, not easy.

    All of this and the babies were born on a 45C day in the midst of a heatwave (Temps in my state almost hit 50C/122F during the hatching week)

    We must have learnt a lot and done everything right !!! Phew. There are 13 and are about 2.5-3 cm long and very exhausted. Soon to be scampering about !

    This journey has been great for my family. As mentioned my girls wanted pets and I was thinking a cat or dog. They wanted dragons. We randomly selected 2 and they were male.

    On our journey..

    One died (RIP Bernie) and we replaced with another "male" (Little Mister). Then one of the vivarium temperature control failed so we housed together for a period.
    Then the "male" turns out to be female (Little Mister became - Big Momma - became Sandy) and with eggs ..., whoops.

    Then she laid and I candled the eggs, they were fertile ... whoops again ... fast forward and we now have 13 new baby dragons (Last one pipped about 12 hours from the first).

    They are awesome to watch, and very cute.
    Some have started eating and in these temps, are loving a batch in their drinking water. They even don't mind being misted !

    Now, Sandy ... nicknamed big momma as she gets big with eggs, is Gravid again .... Oh, the cycle starts again

    I thought I might grab all the photos of my Lawsons as I have only had herps for about 1.5 years, and make a slide show. Little did I realise, even keeping only the good ones, that is a huge amount of images.

    I thought that this might help other people new to keeping lizards, to see the path ahead and may in some way help them plan.

    I have learnt a lot about lizards in this time. I might not have it all perfect and am still learning but I thought it might be interesting to see Lizards from babies, to gravid, to parents.
    I have also had one death and had some illness to battle.

    Here is the YouTube link.

    Here are the milestones
    - (O Sec) Intro
    - (25 sec) We visit the pet store
    - (1:12) We purchase the lizards and the equipment ($$$)
    - (1:33) We name the lizards and put them into their new homes
    - (6:20) We learn about UV, temp, humidity, greens and calcium (and get our first power bill $$$) (6:10 lizard chases temp sensor lights)
    - (6:35) We loose one into the lounge
    - (6:43) Bernie passes away due to ADV (RIP)
    - (7:17) First shed
    - (7:52) Buddy has too much Coccidia and needs treatment
    - (8:03) Buddy is by himself
    - (20:38) We get a friend for Buddy, another male (lil mister)
    - (37:32) Licence obtained to keep 2 lizards
    - (37:14) Brumation
    - (37:42) Shed again
    - (38:11) Lil mister is actually Big momma and Gravid (whoops)
    - (40:31) Big Momma lays eggs
    - (40:49) Big momma bury's eggs (47:02 using head as jack hammer)
    - (47:08) Washing off big momma
    - (47:34) Recovery of the eggs
    - (47:52) Using the incubator, storing eggs carefully, leave eggs the right way up
    - (48:22) Candling
    - (49:44) Setup for the new babies
    - (49:53) The eggs hatch (100%)
    - (58:36) Babies (1:22:00 eating)
    - (122:15) Glitch - black screen
    - (1:22:34) interesting photos of the babies
    - (1:22:52) Err ... family planning .. again
    - (1:23:01) Ili mister (now called Sandy) is digging again
    - (1:23:23) Sandy is Gravid again
    - (1:25:45) Sandy lays clutch 2
    - (1:28:51) Sandy burying clutch
    - (1:38:56) Recovery of the second clutch
    - (1:39:59) incubation
    - (1:40:33) candling

    and that is where we are now "rinse and repeat"

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    Welcome to the Forum Michael.
    That is some introduction.
    Regards Brian
    woodies F/Sale

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