Hi all....just after some advice on lighting, in particular how you get your UVB lights close enough to your beardie when your enclosure is relatively high. I am just upgrading the 90x45x45 to a 120x60x60 as my sons beardie 'Spike' is around a year old now and is just on 40cm tip to tail. He seems to be nice and healthy and growing well in his current enclosure which just has the spiral type UVB lamp that hangs down a little, but I am wanting him to have a little more room. I was wanting to get a 60cm fluro light set up for the next enclosure (60cm high), but I have read they need to be around 30cm-35cm above to be effective. The heating part is fine as it is easy to measure, but the UVB light makes me a bit nervous as you can't see/measure the effectiveness of that. I have a metal gauze top, so I suppose I could hang it down from both of the ends of the lighting fixture??? Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks, Kristian