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Hey guys so i have been in the preparation phase of getting my first baby bearded dragon. I have bought all of the stuff i got a MicroClimate Evo lite thermostat a Repti Sun 10.0 T5 HO UVB Tube 39W and a solar glo heat lamp 160W.

Issue is i just found out you can not use a thermostat on these bulbs so basically i have a few questions because i'm contemplating on selling it at the moment.

What are your guys thoughts on these bulbs are MVB the best way to provide your dragon with uvb and uva light or are there other recommended ways?

Is there any way of using this Bulb with this thermostat or is the only way to get the correct heat spot is by adjusting the height of the bulb from the tank?

Also something else i need to mention is i have not incorporated night time heating, basically i want the absolute best environment for my dragon but i really want to be able to use a thermostat that i have paid so much money for to give my dragon the ideal temperatures. You guys are a lot more experienced and would know a bit more about bearded dragons then i would so i would really appreciate your feedback.

I have heard good things about MVB's however i have not had any experience with them let alone any heating.
If you using a t5 UVB you won’t need the MVB.
Just use a flood globe 75-100w on your thermostat.

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