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Thread: Newbie here, need help with UV tube for a 60 gallon tank.

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    Smile Newbie here, need help with UV tube for a 60 gallon tank.

    Hi all,

    I am in the midst of waiting for my licence (VIC) in order to get my bearded dragon. We are currently trying to set up everything before our little guy's arrival.

    Current Setup
    My husband and I found this vintage jewel display cabinet to refurbish it as a tank as we want a bigger enclosure.
    The measurement is 146.5(cm)L x 45(cm)W x 34(cm) H, roughly around 60 Gallon. Here is a photo of it 65230184_428872964367297_2403391745254490112_n.jpg
    For the basking spot we are using the 75W Philips Flood light from bunnings after some research. 64913029_678864445911607_1662528153190400000_n.jpg
    We bought the Nelson T5 28W Twin fluorescent tubes with fixture but I am not sure it has the correct UVB/UVA so I am a little hesitant to use it. 65196737_840313443021500_5917404446333075456_n.jpg

    My questions
    1. I am wondering what's the best UV fluorescent tubes that is economic and does the job. I read somewhere about NEC T10 but I am not sure where I can get it in store in VIC or even online.
    2. As the tank is relatively low, 34cm in height, will my heat light be too low for the dragon? What's the rough ideal distant from light to basking rock?
    3. I live in Victoria and July is gonna be pretty cold, I do have heater at home. But do I need a ceramic lamp besides the heat bulb just in case?

    Any help will be appreciated, many many thanks!

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    Welcome to the Forum.
    Can't believe we miss this post. My first thoughts were that it doesn't look very high and you would struggle to get the basking light high enough. Then you could build a lid to house the lamp that would bring it up. You want a gradual gradient up towards the heat so the beadie can choose it's prefered basking spot. A log or stick on a slope can achieve this. I am of the understanding that you don't need heat at night unless inside your house is around freezing. They are desert creatures and it gets cold at night.
    Hopefully someone smarter than me will pop in.
    Regards Brian
    woodies F/Sale

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    Hello and welcome to our wonderful forum.
    1. The T5 is supposed to be a very good lamp, some members have used it and are very happy. I have no experience with this item yet. The NEC T10 is basically the old black light used in Disco's and is not as good as was first spruked ( I have 1 and only use it as a spare when desperate)
    2.Your enclosure could work out if your husband is handy and could build a hood similar to a fish tank, that way you could raise the light to whatever you wanted. I have built wooden pyramids for a couple of my glass enclosures so the light could be raised. There is no minimum or maximum height for the heat lamp but the UV lamp should be about 30cm, although you need to work on a heat gradient for the length of the tank. Hot end of about 38C, basking spot of 40-42C and cool end of about 28C.
    3. No night heat is required ,as Brian said they come from the desert where temps can drop below zero at night. None of my dragons get night heat (except for the frillies who are tropical and only in winter)
    If this tank is to be your first for a baby, maybe make a divider half way so it is smaller and not scare a little one too much, but it will be a nice size for an adult.
    slave to all my reptiles

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