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Thread: Bleeding egg and other odd bad or good eggs

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    Bleeding egg and other odd bad or good eggs

    My recent clutch of 22 Beardy eggs looks to be a failure.
    This is due to the temperatures exceeding recommended (on days I was not home, outside hit 49C, inside 38C).
    I had no chance to add an ice brick

    I have looked on the internet for signs of bad eggs (and in this forum).
    I have seen so much weird stuff with eggs that whilst I am no specialist, I thought I would write up what I have seen for others to refer to, comment on and correct me if I am wrong. (I found lots of references online but they only talked about one or two bad signs for an egg, no real list of bad egg features).

    First a question, what does it mean if an egg is bleeding ? (Yes, red blood on the outside).
    I suspect that as the egg is porous, the embryo has died, breaking down and leaking through the shell.
    I am going to write that egg off (I will candle first) but put it in the freezer to be humane just in case.

    I have seen in good eggs
    - Candle for veins and look for them spidering down
    - eggs go from rubbery to slightly more solid
    - are white
    - get bigger over time

    Now, what I have seen in bad eggs
    - Bleeding on the shell, suspect no good.
    - eggs go yellow
    - eggs go grey, leathery and you cant shine a torch through
    - purple stain in areas. Interesting to note all hatchlings from these eggs had deformities. the white ones were ok. They all did hatch.
    - Shallow windows forming in the shell and you can see into the egg. Low calcium ? I covered the windows and they hatched ok.
    - mould ... Excess water in the incubator or embryo dead and decomposing. I saved a few eggs like this with talc but generally, no good.
    - pussing. Yeah, orange goop globulating out through the shell. no good.
    - black, hard. Not good.
    - yellow contents/fluid in the egg when candling and no sign of veins. Not fertilised ?
    - collapsing eggs. lack of moisture or dead/unfertilised. I added more water to one (not directly) and it plumped back up and hatched. Generally not good.
    - red ring in air area, yup, embryo has died.

    I really should have gotten photo examples. Sorry. Maybe others can post.
    Anything to add ? Any other signs or are some of my examples here, not quite right ?

    Sandy, Female Lawson's dragon (Rankin dragon, dumpy dragon, pygmy dragon, dwarf bearded dragon, or black soil bearded dragon) - 3 yrs
    Buddy,Male Lawson's dragon - 3 yrs
    And a whole bunch of eggs (3rd clutch) .. too many names to recall.

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    Wow you certainly had some of everything there, pity about losing all your clutch. It's impossible to be there all the time and sometimes bad things happen when you're not there .The bleeding eggs is something I have never heard of before but I have seen some of the other things before, just recently I had some dwarf beardy eggs and quite a few of them were infertile and a couple who were fertile didn't hatch but went full term and a couple actually pipped but the dragon never fully emerged.3 clutches, 29 eggs and only 14 hatchies whereas my pygmies were 100% and my centrals were about 98% but I had a couple who didn't thrive.
    As you surmised the window means low calcium, 3rd clutch? you really need to pump the calcium into mum after each clutch because eggs take so much calcium out of her. The babies are usually fine
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